Why Take a Limo For Your Wine Tour?

Are you looking for a fun and picture-perfect way to relax and enjoy a day or two on a vacation? If so, then you should consider going on a wineries tour! There are many different wineries located in the United States that although not as exquisite and prestigious as those in France are still considered world-class vineyards and popular tourist attraction destinations for residents and visitors to the states alike. The vineyards and wineries in the United States, each one has their unique charm and some of them are even giving the French vineyard vibe to give you the best experience for your wine-tasting exotic vacation.


Client Testimonials

  • The Executive Express Wineries Tour Services: Long Island

Long Island is the house of many prestigious vineyards and popular wineries ranging from French brands to national wine-tasting destinations featured among the best tour sites among the best wineries in the country. As the wine industry in Long Island continues to grow, so does the number of visitors to the region. According to the New York Wine and Grape Foundation, there are about 82 wineries in Long Island spanning over hundreds of acres of vineyards and producing thousands of tons of grapes each year. So if you want to enjoy the majestic vineyards in the Long Island regions and zones, make sure to connect with Executive Express.

  • The Executive Express Cordeaux Vineyard Tour

Cordeaux Vineyards in New York are the most popular tourist destination for wine lovers who like to visit vineyards and wineries. This Cordeaux winery as described as “A Little bit of France on the North Fork” by Conde Nast Traveler on Trip adviser, is heaven for rose lovers and offers the picture-perfect landscape that is a must for tourists as they need to have some Instagram-worthy backdrop to impress and inspire the followers and share the luxury lifestyle. With The Executive Express wineries tour rental transportation, you will not only be able to visit Cordeaux Vineyards but also many other popular wineries in the region that are worth the visit and journey.

  • Self-Guided/Tour-Guided Wine Tours

A Winery tour can either be planned as a self-guided tour or you can plan to hire a professional guide to help your way out during the trip to the most famous wineries in the area. If you are someone who wants to go at your own pace and explore the different wineries at your leisure without minding the restrictions and navigation of a guide, then a self-guided tour is probably the best option for you. On the other hand, if you want someone else to do all the planning and organizing so that you can focus all your might on the views and splendid grandeur of the vineyards you are visiting then a guided tour is probably the way to go.

No matter which type of tour you want to consider, having a private Limo at your ease is the best way to enjoy the vineyard tours. The splendor, grandeur, might and exquisite appearance of a vineyard can only be complimented by a luxury Limo so that you can fit in with the luxury of the surroundings and focus on enjoying the wine tasting and picturesque landscape of the vineyards and wineries. Worried about not having a private Limo or don’t have your vehicle with you in the states? Worry not! As The Executive Express is here to give you a joyous and pocket-friendly way out.

  • The Executive Express Customized Wineries Tour

The Executive Express is a car rental service that offers customized and dedicated wineries tours and has a wide range of luxury vehicles for you to choose from.

The Executive Express also offers several different customized and non-customized tour deals for trips to popular wineries and vineyards in the area. For instance, if you want to spend a whole day at a vineyard and then head for another winery a few miles apart, you can ask for a lunch arrangement and enjoy the next trip afterwards. The Executive Express allows you to make amends with their meticulously crafted trip plan and add your individual preferences while enjoying the wine tour in Executive Express’s fleet of luxury vehicles such as Limo or Premium SUV. So, whether you’re looking for a day trip or a longer vacation in a popular Vineyard on Long Island, The Executive Express has got you covered!

  • The Executive Express luxury Limo Rental Service

If you are in to make the most of your wine-tasting experience, consider renting a luxury Limo from The Executive Express and enjoy the comfortable and luxurious ride through the amazing backdrop of grape fields, tasting gardens, Chateaus and the mighty vineyards. The Executive Express not just lend you their luxury vehicle on rent but also provide professional chauffeurs expert in routes and alternatives to all the bustling wineries in the region and the drivers’ knowledge surpasses the information about the area to the knowledge about the wine industry to make a perfect guide and partner for your trip.

With The Executive Express rental Limo and wineries tour service, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenic drive through the vineyards, gardens and Chateaus and let the Executive Express take care of the navigation and wine-tasting logistics that you will need during the journey.

To learn more about wineries and wine tours, make sure to enjoy The Executive Express car rental (Limo) services and spend your day at the vineyard without worrying about navigation, road maps, guides and other side stories while focusing all your attention on enjoying the trip itself.

Contact The Executive Express today at Wineries and enjoy comfortable and luxurious rides through the majestic vineyards.