Looking forward to having a private Chauffeur at your beck and call? Well, who doesn’t want to have such luxury at hand but the situation worsens when you are away from the comforts of your home or particularly in another state where you don’t have any vehicles on board or your assistants to serve you? But worry not as The Executive Express is here to give you the best possible comfort and joy while you ride through different landmarks in a different state than your native state.

You can hire private Chauffeurs to drive you through various landmarks or meeting points in a single day while riding in a rental car. Yes, you read right, private rental cars do allow you to keep your driver on standby and drive to various locations. Typically most consumers believe that you can only hire a rental car service to move you to and from a specific location such as those for wedding transportation or airport transportation.


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This is typically the case as most rental car services are designed as such but it is not always the case. With The Executive Express’s hourly rental service, you can hire a luxury vehicle with a private Chauffeur for a set amount of time or even for a whole day. You can attend multiple events in different locations using the same rental car and Chauffeur. The Executive Express is currently offering you hourly services from 4 hours to a whole 24-hour package. Thus, you can decide on the starting and ending time of your various events and then hire a driver to take you through different places at different times without switching between rental cars or drivers.

The Executive Express hourly option facilitates businessmen reaching for various meetings in a single day at different locations and you would come to realize that nothing is more straightforward than attending multiple events with a rental car on hourly service.

You will get the onboard Wi-Fi facility, iPhone charger and also a dedicated laptop desk to work your way out to the destination. The Executive Express will also provide you with fresh and clean drinking water and an onboard DVD player for listening to your favorite music. All the vehicles of The Executive Express have plush black leather interiors to give you that much-needed luxury appearance for making an entrance with style and bang.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and get a quote for your hourly transportation needs.